Interface Summary
EntityProperty Container for arbitrary JSON data attached to an entity.
EntityPropertyHelper<E extends WithId> The implementations of this interface are defining permission checking, persistence layer and events for entities E which are identifiable by id.
EntityPropertyHelper.CheckPermissionFunction<E extends WithId> The base function for checking of permissions on chosen entities.
EntityPropertyQuery<T extends EntityPropertyQuery<T>> A query builder for requests to the JsonEntityPropertyManager.
EntityPropertyQuery.ExecutableQuery An EntityPropertyQuery for which sufficient contraints have been provided to make the query valid.
EntityPropertyService<T extends WithId> The service used to add, update, retrieve and delete properties from entities.
EntityWithKeyPropertyHelper<E extends WithKey & WithId> The implementations of this interface extends the permission checking, persistence and events layers defined by EntityPropertyHelper with operations identifying entities by keys.
EntityWithKeyPropertyService<T extends WithId & WithKey> Extension of the EntityPropertyService specific for entities which are identifiable by key.
JsonEntityPropertyManager Low-level database API for accessing JSON entity properties.

Class Summary
BaseEntityPropertyService<E extends WithId> The base implementation of EntityPropertyService.
BaseEntityWithKeyPropertyService<E extends WithKey & WithId> The base implementation of EntityWithKeyPropertyService.
DelegatingEntityPropertyService<E extends WithId> Delegates execution of methods from EntityPropertyService to an instance of BaseEntityPropertyService.
DelegatingEntityWithKeyPropertyService<E extends WithId & WithKey> Delegates execution of methods from EntityWithKeyPropertyService to an instance of BaseEntityWithKeyPropertyService.
EntityPropertyService.EntityPropertyInput Tuple with property value, property key, entity id and entity name, which will be persisted by the service.
EntityPropertyService.PropertyInput The key-value pair associated to the entity.
EntityPropertyType Type of the entity property.
JsonEntityPropertyManagerImpl Low-level database API for accessing JSON entity properties.

Exception Summary
FieldTooLongJsonPropertyException Indicates that one of the data fields provided for a JSON property was too long.
InvalidJsonPropertyException Indicates that the String value supplied as a JSON EntityProperty could not be accepted because it is malformed.

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