Package com.atlassian.jira.webtests.ztests.filter

Class Summary
TestEditFilterInvalidShares Test for invalid share permissions.
TestFavouriteAndMyFilters Test the Favourites and My view of the ManageFilter pages.
TestFilterHoldsItsSorting A test for JRA-15570.
TestFilterPageNavigation A func test for testing basic page navigation between Filter related pages.
TestFilterPicker Tests the FilterPicker web component.
TestFilterRelatedEntitiesDelete Test the deleting of entities realted to fitlers and ensure that shares disspear
TestFilterSortUserRename Test to ensure that a user's name is indexed rather than their full name.
TestFilterSubscription Func tests for the new cron editor
TestFilterSubscriptionXss Func tests for the new cron editor XSS protection.
TestPopularFilters Test that the Popular Filters tab runs.
TestSearchFilters A func test for the Search Filters functionality in the brave new world of shared entities.
TestSearchFiltersShareType Test the search filters functionality when searching occurs with specific ShareTypes.

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