Package com.atlassian.jira.webtests.ztests.admin

Class Summary
TestAdminMenuWebFragment This test asserts that the links in the admin menu is available/unavailable under various conditions.
TestAdminSectionVisibility Tests the admin/sys-admin visibility of pages in the admin section.
TestDataExport Tests that the data export does what it should (i.e.
TestGeneralConfiguration Func test of editing application properties.
TestGeneralConfigurationSecurity Func test of viewing general configuration pages as admin/sysadmin.
TestGroupBrowser Test related to the admin Group Browser page
TestImportExport Test to see that importing an xml file into JIRA and then exporting from it results in an XML file Uses the following xml files: TestImportExport.xml TestImportExport2.xml
TestIntegrityChecker Ensure that all the correct integrity checks are shown in the UI.
TestIssueType Tests for the administration of issue types.
TestLookAndFeel A func test for the LookAndFeel pages
TestModz A func test for the ModzDetector rows in the ViewSystemInfo page
TestPriorities Tests for the administration of priorities.
TestResolutions Tests for the administration of resolutions.
TestServices Some simple tests to make sure the services admin pages do not explode.
TestSystemAdminAndAdminPermissions Tests permissions of sysadmins and admins.
TestSystemInfoPage Check that the SystemInfo page is correct, added for the new ReleaseInfo integration.
TestTimeTrackingAdmin Tests the Time Tracking Admin page

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