Package com.atlassian.jira.web.util

Interface Summary
AccessKeyHelper Helper interface for access keys for web browsers.
AuthorizationSupport Groups a collection of authorization checks used by JIRA's view layer.
ExternalLinkUtil A simple utility class that lets you resolve external links that may need to change, because of partner sites and such.
FileIconUtil A nice injectable util for retreiving an icon for file.
OutlookDateManager Deprecated. Use DateTimeFormatterFactory.formatter() instead.
WebAttachmentManager Manager for issue attachments.

Class Summary
CheckboxTagSupport Support for communication between Webwork actions and checkbox tags.
CookieUtils This class handles utility methods for managing HTTP cookies.
CssSubstitutionWebResourceTransformer A resource transform that makes variable substitutions based on L&F settings.
DateFormatTransformer Web resource transformer to retrieve localized date format symbols.
DefaultAuthorizationSupport Implementation of the authorization checks defined in AuthorizationSupport
ExternalLinkUtilImpl A simple utility class that lets you resolve external links that may need to change, because of partner sites and such.
FileIconUtilImpl Default implementation
FileNameCharacterCheckerUtil This is a centralized object for checking illegal characters in attachment file names.
HelpUtil Utility class for building links to JIRA help pages.
HostileAttachmentsHelper A tool for loading and encapsulating the local policy for which MIME Content Types and file extensions may contain active executable client-side content and which therefore should be treated carefully to avoid XSS attacks via uploading these files as attachments.
Ie6MimeSniffer Emulates Internet Explorer MIME type sniffing behaviour to predict the MIME override that IE will do to files.
IssueTableBean Gets security Level info out of the database
JiraLocaleUtils Deprecated. Should use the LocaleManager interface or LocaleParser instead.
MetalResourcesManager Manage and allow to print out assets (javscript and css) which are included into Metal Pages
OutlookDate Formats and parses dates in a variety of formats, including relative dates such as "Today" and "Last Wednesday".
ProductVersionDataBean Generates the <meta> tags and attributes needed to provide version data as per

Enum Summary
OutlookDate.SmartFormatterModes Deprecated. Use DateTimeFormatter instead.

Exception Summary
AttachmentException Represtents any File System errors that occur while trying to create an Issue Attachment.

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