Package com.atlassian.jira.web.action

Interface Summary
RedirectSanitiser Provides a way for clients to sanitise redirect URLs before issuing the redirect.

Class Summary
AbstractBrowser An abstract browser that implements a few helpful things for paging.
AbstractPluggableTabPanelAction<TabPanelClass extends PluggableTabPanelModuleDescriptor> Manages the setting, retrieval, checking and activating of a "selected tab" for any page that wishes to provide navigation to "tab panels".
AjaxHeaders Utility class for dealing with AJAX request headers.
Dashboard Figures out what the id of the portal page the user is currently viewing is.
JiraWebActionSupport All web actions should extend this class - it provides basic common functionality for all web actions.
MyJiraHome Redirects to the current My JIRA Home.
SafeRedirectChecker Deprecated. Use RedirectSanitiser instead.
XsrfErrorAction This action is usually run via a servlet FORWARD.

Enum Summary
JiraWebActionSupport.MessageType Represents a type of message that the browser will display after the next page load.

Annotation Types Summary
ActionViewData The annotation used to indicate that a method is to be used to provide data to an JiraWebActionSupport action.
ActionViewDataMappings The annotation used to indicate that a method is to be used to provide data to a JiraWebActionSupport action.

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