Package com.atlassian.jira.util.system.check

Interface Summary
SystemEnvironmentCheck Implement this interface to add a new check for a particular system environment settings that might cause problems when running JIRA.

Class Summary
I18nMessage A message that has to be i18n.
JRA12525Check This is a simple check to ensure that the 'mail.mime.decodeparameters' is set during starup.
JRA15731Check If they are using MySQL and if they are using tomcat (or DBCP in some other way) then we can check if they have a validationQuery which is recommended to prevent data corruption when connections time out.
JRA18659Check Check that the JVM version is above 1.5.0-18_b02 because of the JVM bug

System check for missing JIRA Elevated Security Manager

JRA21845Check Check for new Seraph Remember Me support
JRA24857Check If they are using MySQL we need to warn people if they ain't using InnoDB.
JVMCheck Checks for particular JVM Versions related to JRA-9198, JRA-15681
JvmVersionUtil A utility class for retreiving the various parts of a Java version
PluginVersionCheck Checks a certain subset of plugins installed, to ensure that their minVersion is greater or equal to the current application version.
SystemEnvironmentChecklist This class contains checks related to System environment variables / settings.

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