Class ThreadsafeLazyLoadedReference<V>

  extended by java.lang.ref.Reference<T>
      extended by java.lang.ref.WeakReference<T>
          extended by com.atlassian.util.concurrent.LazyReference<V>
              extended by com.atlassian.jira.util.concurrent.ThreadsafeLazyLoadedReference<V>
All Implemented Interfaces:<V>

Deprecated. Switch to LazyReference instead.

public abstract class ThreadsafeLazyLoadedReference<V>
extends com.atlassian.util.concurrent.LazyReference<V>

Thread-safe lock-less (see note) reference that is not constructed until required. This class is used to maintain a reference to an object that is expensive to create and must be constructed once and once only. Therefore this reference behaves as though the final keyword has been used (you cannot reset it once it has been constructed).

When using this class you need to implement the LazyReference.create() method to return the object this reference will hold.

For instance:

 final ThreadsafeLazyLoadedReference ref = new ThreadsafeLazyLoadedReference()
     protected Object create() throws Exception
         // Do some useful object construction here
         return new MyObject();

Then call to get a reference to the object:

   MyObject myLazyLoadedObject = (MyObject) ref.get()

Interruption policy is that if you want to be cancellable while waiting for another thread to create the value, instead of calling LazyReference.get() call LazyReference.getInterruptibly(). If your LazyReference.create() method throws an InterruptedException however, it will be the causal exception inside the runtime exception that LazyReference.get() or LazyReference.getInterruptibly() throws and your LazyReference.create() will not be called again.

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Constructor Detail


public ThreadsafeLazyLoadedReference()

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