Package com.atlassian.jira.user.util

Interface Summary
GlobalUserPreferencesUtil Util interface providing helper methods for updating global user preferences (such as e-mail Mimetype, etc)
UserManager Simple user utilities that do not require an implementation with too many dependencies.
UserSharingPreferencesUtil An interface for querying a user's default sharing preferences.
UserUtil This is a back end service level interface that defines an API for user level operations.

Class Summary
DirectorySynchroniserBarrier Class that tries to wait for any "Crowd Embedded" synchronisations to finish.
GlobalUserPreferencesUtilImpl This class provides methods for counting both internal users and external users (if external user mgmt is enabled) It also provides methods for updating global preferences.
MockUserManager Really simple mock implementation
SneakyAutoLoginUtil Try to log a user in automatically behind-the-scenes.
Users Static utility methods pertaining to User instances.
UserSharingPreferencesUtilImpl Standard implementation of the UserSharingPreferencesUtil interface.
UserUtilImpl This is the default implementation of the UserUtil interface.

Enum Summary
UserManager.UserState The current state of a user with regard to the same username existing in other user directories.

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