Interface SharedEntityAccessor.RetrievalDescriptor

Enclosing interface:
SharedEntityAccessor<S extends SharedEntity>

public static interface SharedEntityAccessor.RetrievalDescriptor

Used when getting a Collection of shared entities. Describes the ids of the entities to retrieve and whether the order of the result is important.

Method Summary
 List<Long> getIds()
          The list of ids to retrieve.
 boolean preserveOrder()
          is the order of the id list significant.

Method Detail


List<Long> getIds()
The list of ids to retrieve. This list should only contain unique elements (ie. a Set view would have the same size) and not contain any nulls.

list of ids to retrieve


boolean preserveOrder()
is the order of the id list significant. If so the result should preserve the same iteration order.

true of the order of the id list should be preserved in the result.

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