Class GroupPickerResource

  extended by

public class GroupPickerResource
extends Object

REST endpoint for searching groups in a group picker


Constructor Summary
GroupPickerResource(GroupPickerResourceHelper groupPickerHelper)
Method Summary findGroups(String query, List<String> excludeGroups, Integer maxResults)
          Returns groups with substrings matching a given query.
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Constructor Detail


public GroupPickerResource(GroupPickerResourceHelper groupPickerHelper)
Method Detail


public findGroups(String query,
                                            List<String> excludeGroups,
                                            Integer maxResults)
Returns groups with substrings matching a given query. This is mainly for use with the group picker, so the returned groups contain html to be used as picker suggestions. The groups are also wrapped in a single response object that also contains a header for use in the picker, specifically Showing X of Y matching groups. The number of groups returned is limited by the system property "jira.ajax.autocomplete.limit" The groups will be unique and sorted.

query - a String to match groups agains
a collection of matching groups

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