Package com.atlassian.jira.plugin

Interface Summary
ComponentClassManager Provides methods to help load and instantiate classes that can handle OSGi plugins with their ClassLoaders and Components that don't live in Pico Container.
ConfigurableModuleDescriptor ModuleDescriptors that can be configured using an ObjectConfiguration.
JiraPluginSystemListener Marker interface for listeners that expect to receive plugin system-related events (e.g.
JiraResourcedModuleDescriptor<T> An extension of ModuleDescriptor for Plugin Points declared in JIRA.
OrderableModuleDescriptor ModuleDescriptors that can be ordered using ModuleDescriptorComparator, and use the 'order' element inside their config file to indicate ordering.
PluggableTabPanelModuleDescriptor<T> Serves as the basis of a tab panel that can be loaded in to an AbstractPluggableTabPanelAction
PluginVersion Domain object for holding plugin version information.
PluginVersionStore Handles PluginVersion's persistence.
TabPanelModuleDescriptor<T extends TabPanel> Copyright 2007 Atlassian Software.

Class Summary
AbstractConfigurableModuleDescriptor<T> An AbstractJiraModuleDescriptor that is able to be configured using an ObjectConfiguration.
AbstractJiraModuleDescriptor<T> Base class for JIRA Plugin ModuleDescriptors.
AbstractTabPanelModuleDescriptor<T extends TabPanel> Copyright 2007 Atlassian Software.
BootstrapPluginLoaderFactory This is the bootstrap plugin loader factory of JIRA.
BootstrapPluginVersionStore Bootstrap NOP implementation of the PluginVersionStore.
DefaultPackageScannerConfiguration Default package scanner configuration.
DefaultPluginLoaderFactory This is the default plugin loader factory of JIRA
JiraBootstrapStateStore Bootstrap plugin system should only load default state
JiraCacheResetter A component that maintains resets main application caches upon plugin events.
JiraCacheResetter.Delegate Avoiding passing unifinished this to event manager.
JiraFailedPluginTracker Plugins form a big part of what Atlassian software does.
JiraFailedPluginTracker.PluginInfo A simple holder class of plugin information
JiraFailedPluginTracker.ServiceDependency Represents a dependency that a plugin has to some other service
JiraModuleFactory atlassian-plugins 2.5 requires us to implement a module factory.
JiraOsgiContainerManager OSGI container manager that caches service trackers.
JiraPluginResourceDownload The sole reason for this class' existence is to handle the Pico dependency injection for the PluginResourceDownload.
OfBizPluginPersistentStateStore Store Persistyent Plugin State in it's own table
OfBizPluginVersionStore OfBiz implementation of the PluginVersionStore.
PluginInjector A helper class for doing Dependency Injection on classes living in plugins.

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