Package com.atlassian.jira.pageobjects.components.fields

Interface Summary
AutoComplete An interface for Autocomplete pickers.
Suggestion Suggestion in various dynamic selection compoenents.

Class Summary
AssigneeField Represents the assignee field.
IssueHistoryDataMatchers Matchers for issue history data
IssuePickerRowMatchers Matcher for Issue Picker Rows
LegacyPickerSuggestion Represents the Suggestion implementation in the legacy pickers.
LozengeMatchers Matchers for multi select items.
MultiSelect Minimal implementation of a FrotherControl.
PageElementMatchers Generic Page Element Matchers for when dealing with page elements
ProjectRoleMatchers Matcher for Project Role Rows
SelectedItemMatchers Matchers for Watchers.
SuggestionGroup Represents a suggesytion group in the automcomplete dropdowns.
SuggestionMatchers Matchers for suggestions.

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