Class CachingStatisticsMapper

  extended by com.atlassian.jira.issue.statistics.util.StatisticsMapperWrapper
      extended by com.atlassian.jira.issue.statistics.util.CachingStatisticsMapper
All Implemented Interfaces:
LuceneFieldSorter, StatisticsMapper

public class CachingStatisticsMapper
extends StatisticsMapperWrapper

A statisticsMapper that caches the return value from getValueFromLuceneField(String) in an internal cache.

As the cache is not bounded, this object should not be stored for longer than a request

Constructor Summary
CachingStatisticsMapper(StatisticsMapper statisticsMapper)
Method Summary
 Object getValueFromLuceneField(String documentValue)
          As lookups may be expensive, we cache the String->Object values in a cache
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Constructor Detail


public CachingStatisticsMapper(StatisticsMapper statisticsMapper)
Method Detail


public Object getValueFromLuceneField(String documentValue)
As lookups may be expensive, we cache the String->Object values in a cache

Specified by:
getValueFromLuceneField in interface LuceneFieldSorter
getValueFromLuceneField in class StatisticsMapperWrapper
documentValue - The value of the field in the lucene index
The value that will be passed to the display

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