Interface Summary
LuceneQueryModifier This class will clone the Query and add a MatchAllDocsQuery to the portion of the query that require them.
QueryCreator Converts quicksearch language search queries into JIRA search URLs.
QueryOptimizer An interface for a Query Optimizer which performs operations on a query which don't change the semantic of the query, but optimize the structure of the query.
SearchSortUtil Looks at the current search sorts on a query and will add the default JIRA search sorts (issue key or none if there is a text search included in the query) if there are no user specified sorts.

Class Summary
FreeTextVisitor Look through the query and try and find "text" searching conditions.
SearchPropertiesManager Manages storing search requests ("session" search) in user properties.
SearchRequestAddendumBuilder Provides convenience methods to build new SearchRequest objects from existing ones, by appending additional clauses.

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