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 class AbstractDateSearcher
          A simple class that most date searchers will be able to extends to implement searching.
 class AbstractRelativeDateSearcher
 class AffectedVersionsSearcher
          A searcher for the affected version field.
 class AssigneeSearcher
 class ComponentsSearcher
          A searcher for the component system field.
 class CreatedDateSearcher
 class CreatorSearcher
          Class is responsible for searching for Creators
 class DueDateSearcher
 class FixForVersionsSearcher
          A searcher for the fix for version system field.
 class IssueTypeSearcher
          Searcher for the Issue Type system field.
 class LabelsSearcher
          A Searcher for the Labels system field.
 class PrioritySearcher
 class ProjectSearcher
          Searcher for the project system field.
 class ReporterSearcher
 class ResolutionDateSearcher
 class ResolutionSearcher
 class StatusSearcher
 class UpdatedDateSearcher
 class WorkRatioSearcher

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