Interface Summary
IssueSortComparator A means of comparing two issue documents in an index, using Lucene.
MatchHandler Allows JiraLuceneFieldFinder to handle matched terms in a customised way.

Class Summary
DefaultMatchHandler The default match handler used by JiraLuceneFieldFinder.getMatches(org.apache.lucene.index.IndexReader, String).
DocumentSortComparatorSource This uses an Issue Sort Comparator to retrive the issue and then calls, Issue) for each document it encounters.
JiraLuceneFieldFinder This used to be a cache of values but it was found that it consumed a hell of a lot of memory for no benefit (JRA-10111).
MappedSortComparator This Sort Comparator uses a mixed strategy to retrieve the term values.
SingleValueMatchHandler A match handler that assumes all values it will only ever see one value per document.
StringSortComparator This supplies a Low Memory variant of Lucene's StringOrdValComparator.
UserHistoryFieldComparatorSource Creates a new comparator that sorts based on UserHistory timestamp

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