Class IssueLinkImpl

  extended by com.atlassian.jira.ofbiz.AbstractOfBizValueWrapper
      extended by
All Implemented Interfaces:
IssueLink, OfBizValueWrapper

public class IssueLinkImpl
extends AbstractOfBizValueWrapper
implements IssueLink

Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
IssueLinkImpl(org.ofbiz.core.entity.GenericValue genericValue, IssueLinkTypeManager issueLinkTypeManager, IssueManager issueManager)
Method Summary
 Long getDestinationId()
          Get the issue ID (ie.
 Issue getDestinationObject()
          Get the destination Issue of the link.
 Long getId()
 IssueLinkType getIssueLinkType()
 Long getLinkTypeId()
 Long getSequence()
 Long getSourceId()
          Get the Issue ID (ie.
 Issue getSourceObject()
          Get the source Issue of the link.
 boolean isSystemLink()
          Checks if this link's type is a System Link type.
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Constructor Detail


public IssueLinkImpl(org.ofbiz.core.entity.GenericValue genericValue,
                     IssueLinkTypeManager issueLinkTypeManager,
                     IssueManager issueManager)
Method Detail


public Long getId()
Specified by:
getId in interface IssueLink


public Long getLinkTypeId()
Specified by:
getLinkTypeId in interface IssueLink


public Long getSourceId()
Get the Issue ID (ie. Issue.getId()) of the linked-from issue.

Specified by:
getSourceId in interface IssueLink


public Long getDestinationId()
Get the issue ID (ie. Issue.getId()) of the linked-to issue.

Specified by:
getDestinationId in interface IssueLink


public Long getSequence()
Specified by:
getSequence in interface IssueLink


public IssueLinkType getIssueLinkType()
Specified by:
getIssueLinkType in interface IssueLink


public Issue getSourceObject()
Get the source Issue of the link.

Specified by:
getSourceObject in interface IssueLink


public Issue getDestinationObject()
Get the destination Issue of the link.

Specified by:
getDestinationObject in interface IssueLink


public boolean isSystemLink()
Checks if this link's type is a System Link type. A System Link Type is a link type that is used by JIRA to denote special relationships. For example, a sub-task is linked to its parent issue using a link type that is a System Link Type.

Specified by:
isSystemLink in interface IssueLink

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