Interface SortableCustomField<T>

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CascadingSelectCFType, DateCFType, DateTimeCFType, GenericTextCFType, ImportIdLinkCFType, LabelsCFType, MultiGroupCFType, MultiSelectCFType, MultiUserCFType, NumberCFType, ProjectCFType, ReadOnlyCFType, RenderableTextCFType, SelectCFType, TextAreaCFType, TextCFType, URLCFType, UserCFType, VersionCFType

public interface SortableCustomField<T>

Allow a custom field to be natively sortable in the Issue Navigator. Warning: This sort method is a fallback. Generally custom fields will have an associated CustomFieldSearcher, whose SortableCustomFieldSearcher.getSorter(com.atlassian.jira.issue.fields.CustomField) method is responsible for sorting. This interface's compare() is only called if no searcher is associated with a custom field. It is an order of magnitude slower than SortableCustomFieldSearcher.

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Method Summary
 int compare(T customFieldObjectValue1, T customFieldObjectValue2, FieldConfig fieldConfig)
          Compares the two custom field objects.

Method Detail


int compare(@Nonnull
            T customFieldObjectValue1,
            T customFieldObjectValue2,
            FieldConfig fieldConfig)
Compares the two custom field objects.

customFieldObjectValue1 - Never null
customFieldObjectValue2 - Never null
fieldConfig -
0, 1 or -1

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