Interface IssueTypeMapperValidator

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public interface IssueTypeMapperValidator

Validates the automatic mappings that have been created to see if the mappings are relevant in the current JIRA instances setup. This validator makes sure that the issue types that are required:


Method Summary
 MessageSet validateMappings(I18nHelper i18nHelper, BackupProject backupProject, IssueTypeMapper issueTypeMapper)
          Makes sure that the issue types that are required: exists in the current instance is valid for the current projects issue type scheme is or is not a subtask based on how the issue type was defined in the backup system

Method Detail


MessageSet validateMappings(I18nHelper i18nHelper,
                            BackupProject backupProject,
                            IssueTypeMapper issueTypeMapper)
Makes sure that the issue types that are required:

i18nHelper - helper bean that allows us to get i18n translations
backupProject - is the backup project the data is mapped from
issueTypeMapper - is the populated issueTypeMapper
a MessageSet that will contain any generated errors (which should stop the import) or warnings (which should be displayed to the user). The error and warning collection's will be empty if all validation passes.

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