Interface DropDownCreatorService

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public interface DropDownCreatorService

A service for creating a colourful dropdown. These are not cached so the client shoud do its own caching.


Method Summary
 byte[] getDropdown(String colorHex, String backgroundColorHex)
          Get the bytes for a dropdown image for the given colours.

Method Detail


byte[] getDropdown(String colorHex,
                   String backgroundColorHex)
Get the bytes for a dropdown image for the given colours. Allows for easy streaming.

Input strings can ontain a leading hash (#) and can be a 3 char or 6 char hex string. See any web tutorial for what colour the string represents. If hex colors are wrong, default colours are returned. Black arrow and a transparent white background.

colorHex - The main color of the dropdown
backgroundColorHex - The background colour of the dropdown. This will also be transparent. Useful for IE6
An array of bytes representing an image.

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