Package com.atlassian.jira.functest.framework

Interface Summary
Administration Provides methods for carring out administration tasks in JIRA.
Administration.Link Represents the administration home link in the JIRA Header.
Administration.Utilities Sub interface that contains...
Dashboard An abstraction for logically grouping JIRA dashboard functionality for functional tests.
Form Used to set form values in tests.
FunctTestConstants A series of constants that func tests can use I know I know it could be done via enums but I am trying to migrate old code in at least 2 places with the least effort so suck it up!
LocatorFactory A factory class for creating locators from FuncTestCase and JIRAWebTest test cases.
Navigable<T extends Navigable> A place in JIRA that user can go to.
Navigation An interface for navigating around JIRA
Parser Bucket for page/domain parsers
UserProfile Interface for carrying out user profile operations
WebTestDescription Represents basic information about a running web test
WebTestListener An observer of a Test.
Workflows Navigation actions that pertain to workflows and bulk migrations/transitions.

Class Summary
AbstractFuncTestUtil A base class for func test utlity classes.
AbstractNavigationUtil Abstract class for domain specific navigation.
AbstractWebTestListener Abstract, no-op implementation of WebTestListener.
AdministrationImpl Implementation of Administration
Dashboard.Table Holds the identifiers of the tables that display Portal Pages.
DefaultFuncTestHttpUnitOptions These are the default HttpUnit options that our func test will run with
FilterPickerPopupNavigation An implementation of the FilterNavigation interface that works with the FilterPicker action.
FuncTestCase The base class for JIRA "next generation" functional test cases.
FuncTestCaseJiraSetup This class is responsible for "setting up" and "tearing down" JIRA from a functional test point of view.
FuncTestHelperFactory This class is responsible for correctly instantiating the various helper frameworks such as Assertions etc
FuncTestSuite A base class for JIRA functional test suites.
FuncTestWebClientListener This counts and execution times the web requests
HtmlPage Returns information about the current HTML page in the func test.
JiraTestWatchDog This class basically listens to tests and fires a callback if a test does not complete with the configured time.
JUnit3WebTestDescription WebTestDescription based on the JUnit4 Description.
JUnit3WebTestListener JUnit3 test listener wrapping the web test listener.
LocatorFactoryImpl An implementation of the Locator Factory
NavigationImpl Implementation of Navigation
SuiteListenerWrapper Class to wrap a test so that a WebTestListener can listen to a test.
TestSuiteBuilder Divides up a set of tests such that they can be performed in parallel.
UserProfileImpl Default implementation of UserProfile
WatchdogLoggingCallback A callback to the JIRA watchdog listener that logs the frozen test
WorkflowsImpl Navigation actions that pertain to workflows and bulk migrations/transitions.

Enum Summary

Annotation Types Summary
Splitable A test class that has this annotation can have its individual test methods split up and run in different batches.
SystemTenantOnly Annotation used to indicate that a functional test should only run against the system tenant, and skipped for non system tenants.

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