Package com.atlassian.jira.functest.framework.locator

Interface Summary
Locator A Locator is responsible for "locating" DOM Node's on a web page and also getting the text of those Node's.
LocatorEntry When iterating a Locator, the iterator() method returns LocatorEntry objects that contain each Nodes , the text of the node, as well as the index that the node would occur at if a called to Locator.getNodes() was made.

Class Summary
AbstractLocator A base class to derive Locators from
AggregateLocator AggregateLocator will "aggregate" together the results of the provided Locators

NOTE : Locators are one shot objects.

CssLocator A CSS locator that uses JSOUP {@link org.jsoup.nodes.Document) under the covers

The CSS selectors are therefore the set that JSOUP can handle.

IdLocator A Locator that looks for the first Element with the specified id

NOTE : Locators are one shot objects.

LocatorIterator The iterator implementation for Locator.iterator()
NodeLocator A Locator that uses the provided Node as the source of text.
TableCellLocator Locator to run test assertions on a single table cell.
TableLocator This will locate HTML tables by 'tableId' and return the WebTable ready for more assertions.
WebPageLocator This locator returns the whole of the web page as text.
XPathLocator A Locator that uses XPath to locate Node's

For more information on XPath look here:

For a tutorial on XPath look here:

NOTE : Locators are one shot objects.


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