Package com.atlassian.jira.functest.framework.admin.plugins

Interface Summary
Plugins This is a utility class that uses UPM's restful interface to find out info about installed plugins and enable/disable them All of these functions will try to return you to the page you were on before calling them.

Class Summary
AbstractPluginModule Base class for reference plugin modules.
IssueTabPanel Represents the the reference issue tab panel in the reference plugin.
Plugin Represents a Plugin available in JIRA.
ReferenceDependentPlugin Represents the Reference Dependent Plugin.
ReferenceLanguagePack Represents the JIRA reference language pack.
ReferenceModuleType Represents reference module type in the reference plugin.
ReferencePlugin Represents the JIRA Reference Plugin.
ReferencePluginModule Base class for reference plugin modules.
ResourceAction Represents a reference action in the Reference Plugin that is used to test availability of i18n resources.
RestResources Represents the rest resources included in the reference plugin.
WorkflowCondition Represents the workflow condition module of the reference plugin.
WorkflowFunction Represents the workflow function module of the reference plugin.
WorkflowValidator Represents the workflow validator module of the reference plugin.

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