Package com.atlassian.jira.functest.config

Interface Summary
CheckOptions The options passed to each com.atlassian.jira.functest.unittests.config.ConfigurationCheck.
Checksummer.Helper<T> Helps with the conversion of T into and from its different forms needed for the operation of the checksummer.
ConfigObjectWithId XML Configuration object with an id.
ConfigSequence Class that can be used to parse and manipulate the SequenceValueItem from the passed JIRA xml.
ConfigurationCheck Interface for objects that wish to check the correctness of some JIRA xml.

Class Summary
AnnotationFinder<A extends Annotation> Finds all annotation instances of given type in a given set of classes.
AttachmentDirectoryChecker A check to make sure that attachments is correctly configured in JIRA XML data.
BackupChecker Check to make sure that there are no backup service configured.
BlankIgnoresFinder Asserts that there are not tests in the suite with missing reason for @Ignore.
CheckMessage A class that contains a message and check id.
CheckOptionsUtils Class to read and update CheckOptions instances.
CheckResultBuilder Class that can be used to create a check result.
Checksummer<T> Keeps the checksums of a group of objects of type T.
ConfigAdminLocator Class that can be used to find system admins.
ConfigCrudHelper<T extends ConfigObjectWithId> A class that can help implementing CRUD operations on the XML backup.
ConfigFile Represents a JIRA configuration file.
ConfigFileWalker Provides a framework for finding and processing JIRA's XML files.
ConfigFixerUpperer Program that will fix up some of the errors in JIRA's XML configuration.
ConfigurationChecker Object that can be used to check the state of some JIRA XML.
ConfigurationDefaults Holds the default configuration values for the XML checker and fixer.
ConfigXmlUtils Some helper methods for reading in JIRA XML manipulation.
DefaultConfigSequence Class that can be used to parse and manipulate the SequenceValueItem from the passed JIRA xml.
FuncProperties Reads build-time functional test properties.
FuncSuiteAssertions Assertions for FuncTestSuite.
IndexDirectoryChecker A check to make sure that indexing is correctly configured in JIRA XML data.
JiraConfig An object that represents JIRA's configuration.
JUnit4Suppressor Kill JUnit4!
MissingTestFinder Finds missing tests from a defined suite.
ServiceChecker Test to make sure that the debug service is not configured.
XmlUtils XML utils for configuration tests.
ZipHelper Simple helper class to extract a zip file directory contents and all.

Exception Summary
ConfigException Exception thrown if some sort of error occurs.

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