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Uses of Records in com.atlassian.jira.auditing

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 class ZeroRecords

Methods in com.atlassian.jira.auditing that return Records
 Records AuditingManagerImpl.getRecords(Long maxId, Long sinceId, Long count, Long page)
 Records AuditingManager.getRecords(Long maxId, Long sinceId, Long count, Long page)
          Get records from the database.
 Records AuditingStoreImpl.getRecords(Long maxId, Long sinceId, Long maxResults, Long page, boolean includeSysAdminActions)
 Records AuditingStore.getRecords(Long maxId, Long sinceId, Long count, Long page, boolean includeSysAdminActions)
protected  Records AuditingManagerImpl.getRecords(Long maxId, Long sinceId, Long maxResults, Long page, boolean includeSysAdminActions)
 Records AuditingManagerImpl.getRecordsWithoutSysAdmin(Long maxId, Long sinceId, Long count, Long page)
 Records AuditingManager.getRecordsWithoutSysAdmin(Long maxId, Long sinceId, Long count, Long page)
          Does the same as #getRecords(Long, Long, Long) but filters out all records authored by sysadmins (users who were sysadmins at the time of performing the action)

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