Package com.atlassian.jira.appconsistency.db

Class Summary
BuildVersionCheck This is a database check that verifies that user is not running old version of JIRA on the data in the database created by more recent version of JIRA.
LockedDatabaseOfBizDelegator An OfBizDelegator that rejects all operations on the basis that the database is locked.
MinimumUpgradableVersionCheck This is a database check that verifies that the data is not too old to be upgraded by this version of JIRA.
PostgresSchemaConfigCheck A checker that will print a log message if the database is Postgres and the schema name contains upper case.
PublicSchemaConfigCheck A DatabaseCheck that looks in the entityengine.xml for an anticipated misconfiguration, the combination of setting schema-name to PUBLIC (upper case) on a database other than HSQL.
TableColumnCheckResult Represents the stateful answer to the query of whether a given table contains a given column.

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