Package com.atlassian.jira.admin

Interface Summary
IntroductionProperty Abstraction for the JIRA "Introduction" text, which can be configured in the General Configuration.
PropertyDescriptions Interface for renderable property description getter.
PropertyPersister SPI interface used by clients of RenderablePropertyImpl that wish to have persistence back ends other than the JIRA application properties.
RenderableProperty Represents a String field that accepts user input and is rendered in JIRA pages.

Class Summary
AdminHistoryLinkFactory A SimpleLinkFactory that produces links to Administration Pages for recently viewed administration pages
AnnouncementBanner Helper class for displaying the announcement banner.
ApplicationPropertiesPersister Persister that uses the JIRA application properties as a storage back end.
LegacyAdminLinkFactory Returns links for all legacy plugins that still define web-items in the system.admin section section.
RenderablePropertyFactory Factory for RenderableApplicationProperty instances.
RenderablePropertyImpl Implementation of RenderableProperty whose behaviour is driven by the ON_DEMAND flag.

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