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Uses of OperandVisitor in com.atlassian.jira.jql.permission

Classes in com.atlassian.jira.jql.permission that implement OperandVisitor
 class DefaultOperandSanitisingVisitor
          The default strategy for sanitising an arbitrary Operand is: EmptyOperands do not need sanitising; FunctionOperands have their arguments sanitised by JqlOperandResolver; MultiValueOperands must have their children sanitised and potentially recombined into a new MultiValueOperand instance.

Uses of OperandVisitor in com.atlassian.query.operand

Methods in com.atlassian.query.operand with parameters of type OperandVisitor
<R> R
MultiValueOperand.accept(OperandVisitor<R> visitor)
<R> R
SingleValueOperand.accept(OperandVisitor<R> visitor)
<R> R
EmptyOperand.accept(OperandVisitor<R> visitor)
<R> R
FunctionOperand.accept(OperandVisitor<R> visitor)
<R> R
Operand.accept(OperandVisitor<R> visitor)
          Allows us to perform operations over the operand based on the passed in visitor.

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