Package com.atlassian.jira.webtest.webdriver.setup

Class Summary
CargoSuiteRunner Proxy runner to create cargo-enabled runner.
CargoWebTestSuite Web test suite to run in cargo.
EnvironmentAwareSuiteRunner Runner based on cargo environment data instance.
JiraWebDriverScreenshotRule An extension of the screenshot rule that gets the target dir from TestEnvironment.
JiraWebTestLogger Default SLF4J logger for JIRA web tests.
JiraWebTestRules Default set of rules for JIRA product web tests.
LocalSuiteRunner Runner based on local environment data instance.
LocalWebTestSuite Web test suite based on local environment data.
PackageRunner Run all the tests for a package
RestoreOnceSplittablePredicate A predicate deciding whether a test class suite is splittable or not, basing on it being marked with the RestoreOnce annotation.
SingleJiraWebTestRunner Runner for JIRA web tests to run as single test classes, constructor-compatible with the RunWith annotation
SuiteTestListenerProvider Provides listeners and injections to the listeners for JIRA WebDriver test suites.

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