Package com.atlassian.jira.web.tags

Class Summary
Escape Escape a block of text so it's valid HTML
FeatureCheckTag Represents a JSP Tag that is able to include its content if the flag specified in the attribute is enabled.
FormatUserTag Formats a user given the username (or user object, a type and id) using UserFormats.
JiraApplyDecoratorTag This is a very simple subclass of the SiteMesh ApplyDecoratorTag which automatically sets the encoding of the decorator to JIRA's encoding value.
RenderTag Tag for rendering renderables
SoyTemplateTag Wrapper to call a soy template
Text2Html A wrapper around TextUtils.plainTextToHtml(java.lang.String).
TextTag This JSP tag is used in the <ww:text tags all throughout JIRA.
URLTag This overrides the basic URLTag in webwork to provide JIRA specific behaviour
WebResourceRequireTag Represents a JSP Tag that is able to indicate a list of required web-resources for the current page.

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