Package com.atlassian.jira.project

Interface Summary
Project Defines a project in JIRA.
ProjectCategory Defines a project category in JIRA.
ProjectCategoryStore Does DB operations for ProjectCategory.
ProjectFactory Used to produce Project objects.
ProjectManager Implementations of this interface are responsible for all management of project entities within JIRA.

Class Summary
AssigneeTypes Enumerated type representing different default issue assignments for Project and ProjectComponent.
DefaultProjectFactory Implementation that generates project objects.
DefaultProjectManager A class to manage interactions with projects
MockProject Bean implementation of Project interface but doesn't believe in GenericValues.
ProjectAssigneeTypes Utility class for dealing with project assignee types.
ProjectCache This is a very basic cache that stores projects and components

When constructed, or when you call refresh() - it will find and cache all projects, components

ProjectCategoryImpl Immutable implementation of ProjectCategory
ProjectHistoryLinkFactory A SimpleLinkFactory that produces links to Browse Project for recently viewed project except for the current Project
ProjectImpl Represents an immutable Project domain object for JIRA.
ProjectKeyRegexValidator Validates a project's regex.
VersionProxy To contain a key / value pair because we want to manipulate the version strings.

Exception Summary

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