Package com.atlassian.jira.plugin.webfragment

Interface Summary
CacheableContextProvider Implementing ContextProviders will be wrapped with CacheableContextProviderDecorator on creation in JiraWebFragmentHelper, and have ContextProvider.getContextMap(java.util.Map) invocation results cached in the request.
SimpleLinkFactory A factory that produces a list of SimpleLink objects.
SimpleLinkFactoryModuleDescriptors Gets the configured link factories.
SimpleLinkManager A manager that looks after generating lists of SimpleLink and SimpleLinkSection.

Class Summary
CacheableContextProviderDecorator Decorator for CacheableContextProvider instances that stores the result of a CacheableContextProviderDecorator.getContextMap(java.util.Map) invocation in a request attribute.
DefaultSimpleLinkManager Default implementation of the SimpleLinkManager This actually uses combines SimpleLinkFactory lists with WebItemModuleDescriptor links and WebSectionModuleDescriptor sections, respecting weights.
DefaultWebFragmentContext Default JIRA context for webfragments.
JiraWebInterfaceManager Jira wrapper for the WebInterfaceManager.

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