Class IssueViewRequestParamsHelperImpl

  extended by com.atlassian.jira.plugin.issueview.IssueViewRequestParamsHelperImpl
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class IssueViewRequestParamsHelperImpl
extends Object
implements IssueViewRequestParamsHelper

Purpose of this class is to encapsulate view field definition parsing. If no parameters are defined issue view is backward compatible. If parameters are defined and and no one parameter is valid class throws exception causing HTTP 400 error.

Constructor Summary
IssueViewRequestParamsHelperImpl(FieldManager fieldManager)
Method Summary
 IssueViewFieldParams getIssueViewFieldParams(Map requestParameters)
          Method checks defined field parameters.
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Constructor Detail


public IssueViewRequestParamsHelperImpl(FieldManager fieldManager)
Method Detail


public IssueViewFieldParams getIssueViewFieldParams(Map requestParameters)
Method checks defined field parameters. Fields are added to @{link IssueViewFieldParams} based on following rules: - field name in param matches to field id as defined in @{link IssueFieldConstants} - field name in param matches to field mapping as defined in #fieldNamesMapping - field name in param matches to #nonIssueFields - allcustom field param means no field ids will be added to @{link IssueViewFieldParams#getCustomFieldIds} but @{link IssueViewFieldParams#isAllCustomFields()} flag will be set - field is ignored if does not match to any of above criteria If no one of above criteria will pass method returns @{link IssueViewFieldParams} with empty fields collection and @{link IssueViewFieldParams#isCustomViewRequested()} flag set to true.

Specified by:
getIssueViewFieldParams in interface IssueViewRequestParamsHelper
requestParameters - HttpServletRequest parameters
@{link IssueViewFieldParams} containing requested field set and or empty instance if not field parameters were defined

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