Interface Summary
FieldFlagOperandRegistry Provides a registry for a field, navigator flag values and operand associations.
SearchContextVisibilityChecker Deprecated.
SearchInputTransformer Used to convert input parameters as submitted by a SearchRenderer into the intermediate form, as stored in a FieldValuesHolder and then from a FieldValuesHolder into an object form that is stored in the SearchRequest that is used to execute a search in JIRA.

Class Summary
AbstractSearchInputTransformer Common capabilities for SearchInputTransformer implementations.
ComponentSearchInputTransformer A component-specific IdIndexedSearchInputTransformer.
CustomFieldLabelsSearchInputTransformer The SearchInputTransformer for the Labels custom field.
DateSearchInputTransformer A SearchInputTransformer for Dates.
DefaultFieldFlagOperandRegistry The default field flag operand registry that maps field name and navigator flag value pairs to their appropiate operand.
IdIndexedSearchInputTransformer<T> A SearchInputTransformer that handles any field that is represented by its id in the Lucene document, and hence is represented by a select list in the Issue Navigator.
IssueConstantSearchInputTransformer<T extends IssueConstant> A issue-constant-specific IdIndexedSearchInputTransformer.
IssueTypeSearchInputTransformer A search input transformer for issue type
KickassUserSearchInputTransformer A search input transformer for user/group fields with Kickass modifications.
LabelsSearchInputTransformer The SearchInputTransformer for the Labels system field.
NavigatorStructureChecker<T> Utility class to assist in checking the fitness of a query for the issue navigator.
ProjectSearchInputTransformer The SearchInputTransformer for the Project system field.
SimpleNavigatorCollectorVisitor A visitor records all the TerminalClauses that match a particular condition.
TextQuerySearchInputTransformer A transformer that handles the 2012 Issue Search interface.
UserSearchInput A value entered into a user searcher (e.g.
UserSearchInputTransformer An search input transformer for issue type
VersionSearchContextVisibilityChecker Deprecated.
VersionSearchInputTransformer A version-specific IdIndexedSearchInputTransformer.
WorkRatioSearchInputTransformer Search input transformer for the WorkRatioSearcher.

Enum Summary

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