Interface NaturallyOrderedCustomFieldSearcher

All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractDateRangeSearcher, DateRangeSearcher, DateTimeRangeSearcher, ExactTextSearcher, TextSearcher

public interface NaturallyOrderedCustomFieldSearcher

This interface indicates the values stored in the Lucene index for this searcher are naturally ordered and as a result natural Lucene sorting can be used allowing for best sort performance.

Method Summary
 String getSortField(CustomField customField)
          Retrun the name of the Lucene field to use for ordering.

Method Detail


String getSortField(CustomField customField)
Retrun the name of the Lucene field to use for ordering. This will normally be just the field, .i.e customField.getId() but some searchers, e.g. TextSearcher, store additional fields to support sorting.

customField - The custom field to be searched
The Lucene field name to use for orderring.

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