Package com.atlassian.jira.functest.framework.admin

Interface Summary
AdminTabs A page object useful for retrieving what tabs are currently shown in the admin section.
AdvancedApplicationProperties A Page Object useful for retrieving and setting advanced application properties
Attachments Grouping of admin tasks related to the Attachments section
ConfigureScreen Represents functionality of the 'Configure screen' page
CustomFields Actions for administering the custom fields in JIRA.
CvsModules Functionality around the administration of CVS Modules
EditNotifications Represents functionality of the 'Edit notifications' screen.
EditPopServerConfiguration Represents the form used to edit the configuration of a POP/IMAP Server.
FieldConfigurations Actions to be performed on the field configurations in JIRA's administration.
FieldConfigurations.FieldConfiguration Represents a field configuration that actions can be carried out on
FieldConfigurationSchemes Actions to be performed on the Field Configuration Schemes in JIRA's administration interface.
FieldConfigurationSchemes.FieldConfigurationScheme Represents a field configuration scheme that actions can be carried out on
FieldScreenAssociations A class to help configure associations of one particular field to screens.
GeneralConfiguration Allows you to perform admin actions that happen in the GeneralConfiguration section of the admin section.
IssueLinking Represents the Issue Linking administration page.
IssueSecurityLevel API to manage JIRA administrative tasks with regard to issue security level.
IssueSecuritySchemes Actions to be performed on the issue security schemes in JIRA's administration.
IssueSecuritySchemes.IssueSecurityScheme API for managing issue security scheme data in JIRA.
MailServerAdministration Represents the Mail Servers Administration Page
MailServerAdministration.PopMailServerAdministration Represents the POP/IMAP Mail Server Panel in the Mail Servers Administration Page.
MailServerAdministration.SmtpMailServerAdministration Represents the Smtp Mail Server Panel in the Mail Servers Administration Page.
NotificationSchemes Represents 'Notification schemes' administration section of JIRA.
PermissionSchemes Actions to be performed on the permission schemes in JIRA's administration.
PermissionSchemes.PermissionScheme Represents a permission scheme that actions can be carried out on
Project Framework for manipulating projects
ProjectImport Framework for executing project imports.
Resolutions Framework for manipulating resolutions
RoleDetails Responsible for editing the details (name and description) of a project role.
Roles Responsible for representing the Project Roles Browser.
SendBulkMail Represents the Send Bulk Mail Page available in the administration section.
Subtasks Grouping of admin tasks related to the Sub-Tasks section
TimeTracking Time tracking configuration in JIRA's Administration interface.
UsersAndGroups Admin operations for users and groups.
ViewFieldScreens Represents functionality of the 'Screens' admin page.
ViewWorkflows Represents operations on the 'Workflows' page in administration.
WorkflowSteps Represents the 'Workflow steps' page functionality
WorkflowTransition Represents functionality of the workflow transition configuration page.

Class Summary
ConfigureScreenImpl Default implementation of ConfigureScreen.
EditNotificationsImpl Default implementation of EditNotifications.
IssueSecurityLevelImpl Default implementation of IssueSecurityLevel.
IssueSecuritySchemesImpl Default implementation of IssueSecuritySchemes.
MailServerAdministration.MailServerConfiguration Represents the configuration of a Mail Server in JIRA.
NotificationSchemesImpl Default implementation of NotificationSchemes.
PermissionSchemesImpl Implements the PermissionSchemes and PermissionSchemes.PermissionScheme interfaces.
ProjectImpl Implementation of Project interface
ProjectImportImpl Implementation of ProjectImport.
TimeTrackingImpl Time tracking configuration
UsersAndGroupsImpl Admin operations for users and groups
ViewFieldScreensImpl Default implementation of ViewFieldScreens.
ViewServices Gives operations that can be called on the ViewServices page.
ViewWorkflowsImpl Default implementation of ViewWorkflows
WorkflowStepsImpl Default implementation of WorkflowSteps.
WorkflowTransitionImpl Default implementation of WorkflowTransition.

Enum Summary
DefaultIssueEvents Enumeration of default issue events.
GeneralConfiguration.EmailVisibility Options for user email visibility
NotificationType Represents notification type in the 'Edit notifications' admin section.
TimeTracking.Format Represents the "format" which Time Tracking information can be displayed in.
TimeTracking.Mode Represents a "mode" in which the Time Tracking module operates.
TimeTracking.Unit Represnts the default unit to use for time tracking.

Exception Summary

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