Interface Summary
Log4JHackery We want to change our Log4j settings during func tests runs to get rid of a lot of the repetitive cruft that makes it hard to see real failures.

Class Summary
BarrierBackdoor Backdoor for manipulating barriers remotely.
EntityEngineBackdoor Use this backdoor to manipulate User Profiles as part of setup for tests.
FieldConfigurationBackdoorExt A backdoor for manipulating field configurations.
IndexingBackdoor Backdoor for starting/stopping/querying indexing.
IssueTypeScreenSchemesBackdoor Use this backdoor to manipulate Issue Type Screen Schemes as part of setup for tests.
JiraConcurrentRequestsInfo Provide some info to the selenium tests about the number of concurrent requests This resource has the advantage that it doesn't trigger the loading of other resources (e.g.
ManagedConfigurationBackdoor Controls managed configuration
PermissionsBackdoorExt Extended PermissionsBackdoor.
ScreensBackdoorExt Extended ScreensBackdoor.
TestRunnerBackdoor This is a backdoor for executing integration tests on the server remotely (via a Web Func Test).
UserProfileBackdoor Use this backdoor to manipulate User Profiles as part of setup for tests.
WorkflowSchemeProjectBackdoorExt Extended WorkflowSchemeProjectBackdoor.

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