Package com.atlassian.jira.bc.project.component

Interface Summary
ProjectComponent A key domain object representing a "working part" of a Project such that an Issue can be raised against or be relevant only to some parts.
ProjectComponentManager Methods for accessing and persisting project components.

Class Summary
CachingProjectComponentStore Decorates an implementation of the project component delegateStore with caching.
ComponentConverter Originally this was part of the OfBizProjectComponentStore.
DefaultProjectComponentManager Validates project component values and provides methods for accessing and persisting project components.
LocaleSensitiveProjectComponentNameComparator Comparator for ProjectComponent objects that only compares the names, does not take into account the project id in the components, uses the constructed locale to correctly sort component names taking into account i18n strings.
OfBizProjectComponentStore Ofbiz non-caching implementation of ProjectComponentStore.
ProjectComponentComparator Comparator for ProjectComponent objects, singleton, use static instance.
ProjectComponentImpl Standard implementation of the ProjectComponent.

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