Class QueryContextConverter

  extended by

public class QueryContextConverter
extends Object

A utlility class for converting a QueryContext into a SearchContext. This conversion only makes sense if the Query the QueryContext was generated from fits the simple navigator.


Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 QueryContext getQueryContext(SearchContext searchContext)
          Converts a SearchContext representation into the QueryContext of a search context.
 SearchContext getSearchContext(QueryContext queryContext)
          Converts a QueryContext into a SearchContext.
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Constructor Detail


public QueryContextConverter()
Method Detail


public QueryContext getQueryContext(SearchContext searchContext)
Converts a SearchContext representation into the QueryContext of a search context. As search contexts represented by QueryContexts is a super set of those represented by SearchContext, this coversion will always be valid and never return null.

searchContext - the context to convert into a QueryContext
the context represented by a QueryContext. Never Null.


public SearchContext getSearchContext(QueryContext queryContext)
Converts a QueryContext into a SearchContext. If the conversion does not make sense, null is returned. If you would like to know if this method will correctly generate a SearchContext you should call SearchService.doesQueryFitFilterForm(com.atlassian.crowd.embedded.api.User,com.atlassian.query.Query).

queryContext - the QueryContext to convert into a SearchContext, if null then a null SearchContext is returned.
the SearchContext generated from the QueryContext, this will be null if we are unable to correctly generate a SearchContext.

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