Package com.atlassian.jira.webtest.selenium.harness.util

Interface Summary
Administration Provides methods for carring out administration tasks in JIRA.
Dashboard Deprecated. use Dashboard instead
IssueNavigation Provide abstractions for dealing with Issues via Selenium
Navigator Provides helper methods for navigating around JIRA.
UserPreferences There must be a user already logged in.

Class Summary
AbstractSeleniumUtil All util implementations should extend from this class to get access to the seleniumclient and environment data.
BulkChangeWizardImpl Implementation of the Bulk Change Wizard for Selenium Tests.
DirtyFilterHandler Dirty hack for JIRA dirty filter.
FormCleaner Utility class that cleans up forms opened by Selenium after tests, in order to avoid the 'isDirty' pop-ups that block execution of subsequent tests.
IssueNavigationImpl Provides utility methods for issue navigation.
IssueNavigatorNavigationImpl Implementation of IssueNavigatorNavigation for Selenium tests.
UserPreferencesImpl TODO: Document this class / interface here

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