Package com.atlassian.jira.webtest.selenium.framework.dialogs

Interface Summary
Dialog Deprecated. since v4.3.
IssueActionDialog Deprecated. use IssueActionDialog instead
SubmittableDialog Dialog with the ability of being submitted and closed (cancelled).

Class Summary
AbstractDialog<T extends AbstractDialog<T>> Abstract implementation of Dialog in terms of a locator marking this dialog's visible contents.
AbstractIssueDialog<T extends AbstractIssueDialog<T>> Base class for utility classes representing JIRA issue action dialogs.
AbstractSubmittableDialog<T extends AbstractSubmittableDialog<T>> Abstract implementation of SubmittableDialog in terms of abstract locators of the cancel and submit button.
ActionsDialog Test utility representing the Dot Dialog.
AddCommentDialog Test utility representing the Dot Dialog.
AttachFileDialog Opens and maintains the AttachFileDialog.
DeleteIssueLinkDialog TODO: Document this class / interface here
EditLabelsDialog Represents the "Edit labels" dialog.
GenericDialog Represents a generic dialog that can be used for common assertions such as if the dialog is open etc.
LinkIssueDialog Representation of the link issue dialog.
LogWorkDialog Represents the "Log Work" dialog.
QuickCreateIssue 'Quick create issue' dialog.
QuickCreateSubtask Quick Create subtask dialog
QuickEditDialog Represents the new quick edit dialog.
WorkflowTransitionDialog Generic workflow transition dialog implementation.

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