Package com.atlassian.jira.webtest.selenium.framework.components

Class Summary
AjsDropdown Represents AJS.Dropdown component.
CalendarPopup Represents the calendar popup on a page.
GenericMultiSelect Generic MultiSelect representation.
IssueMenu Represents the "menu" in the stalker bar.
IssueNavResults Represents issue navigator results in the Selenium World™
IssuePicker Deprecated. use IssuePicker instead
LabelsPicker Selenium representation of the AUI.LabelsPicker component, which is a specialized MultiSelect.
MultiSelectLocatorData Encapsulates element locators for a single AUI MultiSelect component.
MultiSelectSuggestions<T extends MultiSelect> Suggestions component of the AUI MultiSelect.
Pickers Factory for convenient creation of various JIRA pickers.

Enum Summary

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