Interface PageSection<P extends Page>

Type Parameters:
P - type of the parent page
All Superinterfaces:
Component<P>, PageObject
All Known Subinterfaces:
AddFieldSection, AuditLogTab, DeveloperTab, InstallPlugins, IssueMenu, IssueTable, JIRAUpgradeCheckPlugins, ManageExistingPlugins, PluginsTab<T>, SimpleSearchFilter
All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractSeleniumPageSection, AbstractSeleniumPluginsTab, SeleniumAddFieldSection, SeleniumAuditLogTab, SeleniumDeveloperTab, SeleniumInstallPlugins, SeleniumIssueMenu, SeleniumJIRAUpgradeCheckPlugins, SeleniumManageExistingPlugins, SeleniumSimpleSearchFilter

public interface PageSection<P extends Page>
extends Component<P>

Page object that represents a static section of a page.


Method Summary
 P page()
          Reference to a page, within which this section resides.
Methods inherited from interface com.atlassian.jira.webtest.framework.core.component.Component
Methods inherited from interface com.atlassian.jira.webtest.framework.core.PageObject
context, isReady

Method Detail


P page()
Reference to a page, within which this section resides.

page of this section

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