Interface FlowPage<P extends ParentPage,N extends Page>

Type Parameters:
P - parent page of the flow
N - next page in the flow
All Superinterfaces:
Cancelable<P>, Page, PageObject, Submittable<N>
All Known Subinterfaces:
ConvertToSubTaskSelectTypes<P>, FlowLastPage<P,F>, MoveSubTaskChooseOperation<P>, MoveSubTaskConfirmation<P>, MoveSubTaskOperationDetails<P>
All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractSeleniumConvertToSubtask, AbstractSeleniumFlowPage, AbstractSeleniumMoveSubTask, SeleniumConvertToSubtaskSelectTypes, SeleniumMoveSubtaskChooseOperation, SeleniumMoveSubtaskConfirmation

public interface FlowPage<P extends ParentPage,N extends Page>
extends Page, Cancelable<P>, Submittable<N>

A page that is a step in a larger process. E.g. converting to sub-tasks, importing data, bulk editing etc. all consist of several steps, each of them represented by a single page.

Submittable.submit() operation of a flow page should have the same result as next().


Method Summary
 N next()
          Submit this flow page and go to the next one in the flow.
 int stepNumber()
          Step number in the flow.
Methods inherited from interface
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context, isReady

Method Detail


N next()
Submit this flow page and go to the next one in the flow. Synonym for Submittable.submit().

next page in the flow


int stepNumber()
Step number in the flow.

step number of this step

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