Class AbstractSeleniumSubmittableChildPage<P extends Page>

  extended by com.atlassian.jira.webtest.framework.impl.selenium.core.SeleniumContextAware
      extended by com.atlassian.jira.webtest.framework.impl.selenium.core.AbstractSeleniumPageObject
          extended by com.atlassian.jira.webtest.framework.impl.selenium.core.AbstractLocatorBasedPageObject
              extended by
                  extended by<P>
                      extended by<P>
All Implemented Interfaces:
PageObject, Submittable<P>, ChildPage<P>, Page, SubmittableChildPage<P>
Direct Known Subclasses:
SeleniumEditGeneralConfiguration, SeleniumForm

public abstract class AbstractSeleniumSubmittableChildPage<P extends Page>
extends AbstractSeleniumChildPage<P>
implements SubmittableChildPage<P>

Abstract implementation of the SubmittableChildPage in the Selenium World™.


Field Summary
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assertThat, client, context, timeouts
Constructor Summary
protected AbstractSeleniumSubmittableChildPage(P parentPage, SeleniumContext ctx)
Method Summary
 P submit()
           Submit this page object.
protected abstract  SeleniumLocator submitLocator()
          A clickable component locator that will submit this page
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back, backLocator
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detector, isReady
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body, conditions, css, forClass, id, jQuery, locatorFor, name, queries, waitFor, xpath
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context, isReady

Constructor Detail


protected AbstractSeleniumSubmittableChildPage(P parentPage,
                                               SeleniumContext ctx)
Method Detail


protected abstract SeleniumLocator submitLocator()
A clickable component locator that will submit this page

locator of the submit component of this page


public final P submit()
Description copied from interface: Submittable

Submit this page object.

NOTE: as with most of the actions in the framework, this Submittable instance is only responsible for validating any pre-conditions that may exist for the submit operation (usually there are none), but not the results of it. It is conceivable that clients will attempt to submit page objects that contain invalid form data and, as a result, the submit operation will not result in navigating to the target object. It is up to the clients to validate if they assumptions as to the result of the operation were valid, which may be done by querying appropriate objects participating in the interaction, e.g. calling PageObject.isReady().

Specified by:
submit in interface Submittable<P extends Page>
target page object of this submit operation.
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