Package com.atlassian.jira.webtest.framework.core.query

Interface Summary
ExpirationHandler Strategies for handling expired timeouts of the TimedQuery.
TimedQuery<T> Represents a repeatable query over the state of the test that results in an object instance of a particular type T.

Class Summary
AbstractConditionBasedQuery<T> A TimedQuery that will only return if a given TimedCondition is met.
AbstractConditionBasedTimedQueryBuilder<B extends AbstractConditionBasedTimedQueryBuilder<B,Q,V>,Q extends AbstractConditionBasedQuery<V>,V> An abstract builder for AbstractConditionBasedQuery implementations.
AbstractTimedQuery<T> Abstract query that implements AbstractTimedQuery.byDefaultTimeout() in terms of, and as a template method calling the following hooks (to be implemented by subclasses): AbstractTimedQuery.currentValue() - to determine current evaluation of the query AbstractTimedQuery.shouldReturn(Object) - which indicates, if current value of the query should be returned
AbstractTimedQueryBuilder<B extends AbstractTimedQueryBuilder<B,Q,V>,Q extends AbstractTimedQuery<V>,V> An abstract builder for AbstractTimedQuery implementations.
ExpirationHandlers More useful expiration handlers.
Queries Factory of useful TimedQuery implementations.
StaticQuery<T> A TimedQuery that always immediately returns a pre-defined static value.

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