Package com.atlassian.jira.webtest.framework.core

Interface Summary
Cancelable<T extends PageObject> A page object that is capable of being cancelled.
Collapsible<T extends PageObject> An element of the page that may be hidden (collapsed) and made visible by user action (e.g.
ConditionAssertions.ConditionAssertionBuilder Builds condition assertions that are used as parameters to the assertThat(...) methods.
DefaultCloseMode<T extends PageObject> Defines default close modes.
Localizable A page object that can be unambiguously located.
Openable<T extends PageObject> Represents a page object that may be opened and closed.
PageObject Abstract generic interface of every Selenium page object.
PageObjectFactory Responsible for creating page objects being the entry point into the framework.
ParentObject An interface implemented by all framework components that are parent to a significant number of child page objects.
PollingQuery A query over the state of the current test that is capable of being repeated at given intervals in an attempt to wait for a desired result.
QueryAssertions.QueryAssertionBuilder<V> Used to build the target query assertion that is performed in one of the timeout modes: now() - immediately byDefaultTimeout() - by the tested query's default timeout by(long) - by client-supplied timeout
Submittable<T extends PageObject> A page object capable of being submitted (e.g.

Class Summary
AbstractPollingQuery Abstract implementation of the PollingQuery interface.
ConditionAssertions Utility to perform assertions with meaningful messages against TimedCondition and TimedQuery objects.
QueryAssertions Common assertions for TimedQuery with meaningful error messages.
TimedAssertions Common assertions for timeout-based queries inheriting from PollingQuery.

Enum Summary
Timeouts Enumeration of default timeout types in the framework.

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