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Uses of RenderableField in com.atlassian.jira.issue.fields

Subinterfaces of RenderableField in com.atlassian.jira.issue.fields
 interface CustomField
          Custom Field interface.
 interface SummaryField

Classes in com.atlassian.jira.issue.fields that implement RenderableField
 class AbstractTextSystemField
          Copyright (c) 2002-2004 All rights reserved.
 class CommentSystemField
          Defines a comment in Jira.
 class CustomFieldImpl
          Default CustomField implementation backed by the database (a GenericValue object).
 class CustomFieldTestImpl
          The only purpose of this class is to increase the visibility of #copyGenericValue so we can mock it in tests.
 class DescriptionSystemField
          Represents the field which renders an Issue description.
 class EnvironmentSystemField
          Copyright (c) 2002-2004 All rights reserved.
 class SummarySystemField
          Copyright (c) 2002-2004 All rights reserved.
 class WorklogSystemField
          A field representation of logging work.

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