Class IssueLinkTransformerImpl

  extended by com.atlassian.jira.imports.project.transformer.IssueLinkTransformerImpl
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class IssueLinkTransformerImpl
extends Object
implements IssueLinkTransformer


Constructor Summary
IssueLinkTransformerImpl(IssueManager issueManager, BackupSystemInformation backupSystemInformation)
Method Summary
 ExternalLink transform(ProjectImportMapper projectImportMapper, ExternalLink oldIssueLink)
          Used to transform an ExternalLink based on the project import mapper that is provided.
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Constructor Detail


public IssueLinkTransformerImpl(IssueManager issueManager,
                                BackupSystemInformation backupSystemInformation)
Method Detail


public ExternalLink transform(ProjectImportMapper projectImportMapper,
                              ExternalLink oldIssueLink)
Description copied from interface: IssueLinkTransformer
Used to transform an ExternalLink based on the project import mapper that is provided.

At least one of the two issues in the link should belong to the project we are importing. For issues in our project, we use the Issue Mapper to get the new ID. For issues in other projects, we look up the Issue in the current system by its key. If an issue with that key does not exist in the current JIRA, then this method will return null to indicate that we will ignore this link (do not import).

This should only be used with a fully mapped and validated ProjectImportMapper.

Specified by:
transform in interface IssueLinkTransformer
projectImportMapper - a fully mapped and validated ProjectImportMapper
oldIssueLink - the ExternalLink that contains all the old values that need to be transformed and other values that should be stored that need no transformation.
a new ExternalLink that contains the transformed values based on the projectImportMapper, or null if this link cannot be created in the current system.

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