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Uses of Dashboard in com.atlassian.jira.functest.framework

Methods in com.atlassian.jira.functest.framework that return Dashboard
 Dashboard Dashboard.addPage(SharedEntityInfo info, Long cloneId)
          Add the passed dashboard page to JIRA.
 Dashboard Navigation.dashboard()
          Navigates to the dashboard, returning it.
 Dashboard NavigationImpl.dashboard()
 Dashboard Dashboard.disableConfigureMode()
          Turns off configuration mode for the dashboard.
 Dashboard Dashboard.editPage(SharedEntityInfo info)
          Change the passed dashboard page in JIRA.
 Dashboard Dashboard.enableConfigureMode()
          Turns on configuration mode for the dashboard.
 Dashboard Dashboard.favouriteDashboard(long id)
          Make the passed dashboard one of the logged in user's favourites.
 Dashboard Dashboard.navigateTo()
          Navigates to the dashboard.
 Dashboard Dashboard.navigateTo(long pageId)
          Navigates to the a specific dashboard page.
 Dashboard Dashboard.navigateToDefaultFullConfigure()
          Open the default dashboard configuration.
 Dashboard Dashboard.navigateToFavourites()
          Navigate to the screen that shows favourite dashboards.
 Dashboard Dashboard.navigateToFullConfigure(Long dashboardPageId)
          Open the full configure screen for the passed dashboard.
 Dashboard Dashboard.navigateToMy()
          Navigate to the screen that shows my dashboards.
 Dashboard Dashboard.navigateToPopular()
          Navigate to the screen that shows popular dashboards.
 Dashboard Dashboard.navigateToSearch()
          Navigate to the screen that allows dashboard searching.
 Dashboard Dashboard.resetToDefault()
          Reset the dashboard configuration to its initial state.
 Dashboard Dashboard.resetUserSessionState()
          Reset user session state.
 Dashboard Dashboard.unFavouriteDashboard(long id)
          Remove the passed dashboard from the user's favourites.

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